Update on the Twins! (Please insert your own clever title. I am not on my naming A-game.)

By Katie

I am 26 weeks which means I have about 10 weeks left.


20170915_091322 edit
If you came here for the stellar photography, you are in luck!

We found out at my last ultrasound that we have 2 girls!

(Atticus was disappointed.  He told me that he asked God for at least one boy.  I told him that I asked God for only one baby per pregnancy.  God tests us all.)

We have named baby A Louisa which means Fights with Honour.  So our new daughters’ names are Beatrix and Louisa.

I am so excited to meet them! (Especially since I found this baby carrier by MiniMonkey that is coming out in November.  Just in time!)

But I am also so apprehensive. (And now its on to the complaining – feel free to skip the next few paragraphs if you have a plethora of complaining in your life.  I’m looking at you, mom of littles!)

This has been my toughest pregnancy yet.   I don’t know if it’s the fact that its twins, or that I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old or that I am in my thirties.

Regardless, I am so tired.

Like so tired that I think 6:30pm is a perfectly reasonable bed time.

Like so tired that after breakfast and morning routines, I think 9 am would be a perfectly good nap time.  (My littles disagree.)

Like so tired that my every day tasks seem just oh-so-daunting.

It’s been tough.  I like being productive and having projects on the go.  But I am not productive.  And my projects take forever.   I don’t even have energy to crochet, which is ridiculous.

It didn’t help that a twin mama friend of mine told me on Sunday, “Oh you think you are tired now, wait until they are here!”  Oh, goody!

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Honestly, I would act the same way if someone interrupted my reading time to take pictures.

My last OB appointment was not encouraging.   Things like immediate skin-on-skin are really important to me.  Not so much to my OB.  She was not encouraging at all with the likelihood of me holding my babies while my surgery is finishing.   Both Atticus and Vivien were placed on me and held there by my midwives.  I don’t think I realized at the time how much of a blessing it is to have midwives in the surgical room.    My OB said that it was unlikely I could have immediate skin-on-skin.

I am the one who carried these souls next to my heart for 9 months.  I am who is getting cut open like an offering to deliver them.  I am the one who will be feeding them from my own body for the first part of their lives.  I think I am the one who should snuggle them.  They should be on me.

I cried the whole way home.   I am already very nervous about being able to bond with two babies at the same time.  It seems rather overwhelming.  There is only so much time in a day:  how do I make sure they get enough snuggles and hugs and kisses from their momma?  What if I snuggle one more than the other without realizing it ?

Then there is breastfeeding.   Eiieee.  I read that to exclusively breast feed a baby requires 35 hours a week.   And I am having 2.  That is 70 hours a week of breastfeeding.   I hope that I can feed tandem!

Logically, I know these fears are baseless and short-term problems.  I will adapt.  The surgery will only be 45 minutes and then I will have my babies.  My babies will be loved, and kissed, and snuggled.  If breastfeeding doesn’t work, I live in a wonderful time in history where I can go 2 minutes down the road and buy healthful food for them.

But psychologically…..I am a bit of a mess.

At church on Sunday, a friend saw me waddle up and said, “gah, I was trying to think of a pregnancy joke and I came up with nothing.”  My response was “good, because chances are I would have cried.”

That’s my life now.  Random tears.   They do not indicate grief, or sadness, or happiness.  They indicate myriad of hormones coursing through my body.   My littles think I am all the way to crazy.  (Will probably does too, but he is smart enough not to say anything.)

I have some cravings, fake cheese being the top of the list.   You know, cheese slices, cheese Whiz, that kind of healthy stuff.

Also smoking.   That one is a bit weird I tell you, since I have never been a smoker.

20170915_091322 edit

Don’t worry, while I imbibe on fake cheese once in a while, I haven’t with the smoking.


August Favourites

By Katie

Its the end of August.

{ insert comment about where has August gone?}

Was August good for you?  Bank would like to know.

But seriously, where has the summer gone?

Because I know you are dying to know, here are my favourites from August.

Because I am living the life of leisure and am camping right now, this will be a quick list of my favourites of August.


1.  I have started to feel the twins moving on a daily basis. It is an incredible feeling!   I have 2 anterior placentas so I wasn’t feeling the twins as soon as I felt Atticus and Vivien, but they are making up for it now.    I am concerned about how I will be feeling in 10 weeks with the 2 of them in there, but for now its a gentle, blessed reminder of their presence.


2.  We spent time with a lot of family this month. We went to Safari Niagara with the Will’s family earlier in the month, visited Kara, and had visits from Danielle’s family, and Nana and Papa.  Now we are camping with the whole VanGrootheest clan.  September is going to be lonely!


3. Our vegetable garden is giving us a lot of produce – more than we can handle! The kids love harvesting and eating the veggies on their way inside.  The chickens are getting their fair share as well – without permission.  I only have one pumpkin though.  I have not been a great pumpkin grower for some reason….


4.  Flowers.  ‘nough said.

I hope you had a wonderful August.  Get ready for September!



VGrootheest Fam Group 2016 Sep 17_87

This is us.

Vicki, Katie, Kara, Danielle.

Most of these pictures were taken by Rita Zietsma Photography . Even though they were taken less than 1 year ago some of them are already out of date – our family is definitely in “baby stage”! I guess we’ll have to book another session sooner than later.

VGrootheest Fam Danielle 2016 Sep 17_21

Hi! I’m Danielle. The oldest daughter – the leader of the clan. Well, at least in theory.

I am married to a wonderful man and we have been blessed with four children. Our days are filled with baseball, soccer, crafts, reading, and fort building.

After staying home with my kids for the past 8 years I am beginning a new chapter in my life – that of a working mom. When our three oldest return to school this September I will be right there with them – as a part time teacher in the grade one classroom.

I hope you enjoy reading about our life,  thoughts, and antics.

VGrootheest Fam Katie 2016 Sep 17_2

Hi.  My name is Katie.

I am the coffee of Three Teas and a Coffee.

I love coffee, reading, gardening, plants and my family.   Not necessarily in that order, though it depends on the day  😀

We are a family of 6, though 2 of us are still in-utero.   I believe my 2 unborn children are no less my children then my born children, which is why they already count.

My husband, will is a carpenter; which is good, because we tend to buy old, run-down houses that need a lot of work.   We are currently renovating our second home.  I am currently thinking why on earth anyone would do this once, let alone twice.  Just kidding.  I enjoy it.  Most of the time.

Atticus (3.5) is my first born. He is a ball of energy, loves the outside, loves books almost as much as his mama and loves to eat.  He loves the animals we have accumulated so far, and is constantly asking for more. Vivien (2) is my second born.  She is fiercely independent, until she isn’t.  She loves ferociously, which means the animals try to avoid her.  She is a nonstop ball of energy, until she’s not.  When she is tired, she lays down. As I said the twins are still in-utero.   I will let you know their personalities once they make them known.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you find this blog interesting.

VGrootheest Fam Vicki 2016 Sep 17_54 - Copy

Hi! I’m Vicki.

I’m married to my highschool sweetheart, Mark. He’s a stone mason, a member of our church’s worship team, an avid sports fan, a truly amazing father to our children, and my best friend (I’m the sappy sister!). We have three children – Peyton (4), Chase (3), and Dax (6 months). Our kids are each unique and special, and we thank God daily for blessing us with them.

Dax joined the family after our photoshoot. He has been the best fifth addition to our little family!

I enjoy being a mom, visiting with friends, having a clean and tidy house, playing games, eating good food, watching HGTV, decorating (and redecorating) the rooms in my little home, Summer days, camping, snuggles on the couch with any of my three kiddos (and maybe my husband), listening (and dancing) to worship music withe my kids, and learning more about my Jesus.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me and my sisters!

VGrootheest Fam Kara 2016 Sep 17_71

I’m Kara, the youngest of the four.

I am married to a farmer who plans to attend seminary and become a pastor. His name is Tsjibbe, pronounced ‘Chibba’, and we have a beautiful baby girl named Zoe.

Zoe joined the family after the photoshoot as well. She is such a joy to our little (and big) family.

I recently finished by Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology and a minor in Theatre Arts.  Although I hope to one day return to school to get my Masters, right now I am a happy SAHM.

I love to bake and cook. I also enjoy knitting, crocheting, and sewing, although each of these hobbies are often neglected for months at a time.

I love writing, and am looking forward to writing for this blog!