Louisa and Beatrix – Newborn Photoshoot!

By Katie

Bethlehem Twins 2017 Dec 13_01

A week or so after Louisa and Beatrix made their entrance into the world, Rita Zietsma, from Rita Zietsma Photography, made the 3 hour drive to visit them and to snap a few pictures.

Bethlehem Twins 2017 Dec 13_14

Bethlehem Twins 2017 Dec 13_13

In addition to being a beloved aunt, she also was the photographer who took the newborn shots of Atticus and Vivien.   I love that she has been there to capture all my kids in their first weeks of life.

Bethlehem Twins 2017 Dec 13_09

She doesn’t only do Newborn Photography, but has a stunning array of works of art.  You can check out her website here and see some gorgeous shots from her work and travels.



I can’t believe this happened 3.5 months ago already.  Lousia and Beatrix seem like giants compared to these tiny babies!

Looking back at these shots is reminding me to really try to treasure this time with Lousia and Beatrix.  I have said before that I struggle in the first year, but even seeing how much they have grown already makes me realize that this season is so fleeting.

Bethlehem Twins 2017 Dec 13_17
This is the funniest shot to me: we couldn’t get Vivien to smile for the life of us!

Looking at teeny tiny Louisa and Beatrix made me want to see the newborn shots of Atticus and Vivien as well.  It has only been 4 years since Will and I started on this journey of parenthood.  How our life has changed!


Beatrix reminds me so much of Atticus!  But I have heard there is a lot of VanGrootheest in Beatrix, and there is so much Bethlehem in Atticus, I don’t know what to think anymore!


I see a lot of Vivien in Louisa.  Especially in this shot:

Bethlehem Vivien Newborn 2015 Jun 12_24-Edit

And my favourite shot of Vivien’s session.  I can’t believe these 2 monkeys were ever this small!

Bethlehem Vivien Newborn 2015 Jun 12_32-Edit

Wow.  God has richly blessed me!

Now, if only all of parenthood was as idyllic as these shots make it seem!


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