THM October: Week #1

by Vicki

I have completed my first week of No-Cheat THM October!

The first week wasn’t actually that bad. I found having the accountability of this blog (and the friends I have included in my healthy lifestyle change) really helped to keep me on track. I guess accountability is key (just like they say it is!).

We even celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend in Ottawa with the @threeteasandacoffee‘s entire family (there are 20 of us) at our parent’s house. I was able to stay on plan the entire weekend – even while my family enjoyed chocolate cake, snacks of fresh baked cookies, and thanksgiving dessert of fresh apple pies (made by yours truly!). It was hard but I knew I was doing this for a good reason and that made it all the more easy.  On the way home yesterday we experienced some traffic delays (5.5 hours drive took 8 hours) and ended up purchasing some snacks on the road: I stuck to some dark chocolate, raw almonds and sparkling water. I don’t think the dark chocolate was the required 85% dark, it actually tasted closer to 70%. I guess that is technically a cheat but I am counting it as a win because it was still dark, it wasn’t a donut or bag of chips, and it was the darkest available at the convenience store. We also ended up stopping for dinner at Boston Pizza where I ordered their House Chicken Salad. It was delicious and I left the restaurant feeling good…not bloated or queasy like I normally do when I leave a restaurant. So this weekend, which normally would have been very difficult for me, was a success! Yay!

image1 (2)

One of my favorite meals this past week has been breakfast. I enjoyed the Chocolate Mint Shake from the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook a couple of the mornings (pg. 410). I found that it helped to fill me up for the three hours (recommended time between meals on this plan) and it helped to fulfill my chocolate cravings for the day. I also tried the Volcano Mud Slide Muffin (pg. 274), it was so good and I felt so fancy eating it for breakfast while still knowing I was on plan and being healthy.

I struggled with lunches. I am not typically a sandwich person, although I did enjoy my lean turkey sandwiches on sprouted wheat bread more than I thought I would. I stayed on plan with my lunches but I would love to find something that was easy and that I loved :). Does anyone have suggestions or lunch favorites they could share? I would love to hear your go-to’s and favorites!

On to week #2!

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3 thoughts on “THM October: Week #1

  1. Are you a soup eater? Hearty soups don’t need to be cream based!
    And what about wraps? I love them with anything from tuna to peanut butter or beans
    I don’t know what your ‘restrictions’ are, but I love an open faced sandwich with cream cheese and cucumbers
    Happy lunch prepping!


    1. All good ideas! THM has a lot of soup options that I need to take a look at. I am not really a big soup eater thought. THM is supposed to be not restrictive 😉 but its about separating carbs and fats. So I can eat Ezekial Wraps (gluten free expensive wraps) but they aren’t the greatest tasting. Today I had a salad :).


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