No Sense Crying over Spilt Milk. Or is There?

By Katie


Yesterday, I cried over spilt milk.


My son spilt some milk.  And I burst into tears.

And then I started laughing because I thought, “No sense crying over spilt milk.”

(That’s probably how that saying came into being: Men probably came up with it, because of pregnant, hormonal mothers crying for no reason.  Typical patriarchy 😉 )

So I have confirmed for my kids that, yes indeed, their mother is crazy.

And that spilt milk is a reason to both cry and laugh.

These poor kids.

That is how my parenting is right now.   A melody of contradictions.  It’s weird that you don’t read about the Contradictory Parenting Method in parenting books.  Because it’s working for me exactly zero percent of the time.

I joke about it, but I really feel bad for my kids.

Earlier this year I read Have a New Kid By Friday by Kevin Leman and studied Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley with our small group.  I really felt like I found tools for effectively, godly parenting which were working.

(If you are feeling like your current strategy is not working and you are frustrated beyond all reason, I would recommend you check those titles out.  There is some parenting gold in those books.)

But all parenting takes energy.  Which is something I am lacking.  So all my strategies and methods have gone out the window and I am reduced to pleading and cajoling.  Oddly enough, not a great parenting strategy….

Anyways.   I wasn’t planning on sitting down and banging out a post disparaging my parenting.  But it is something that is on my mind a lot: what are the costs of my pregnancy on my family?  One thing is for sure, I think we will all be ready for these little ladies to make their appearance.  Especially Atticus, who told me today that he would make sure the twins don’t eat the cats’ tails.  Which makes me wonder, has he tried it?

As of my last appointment, my fundal height is the same as that of a full-term singleton pregnancy.  So remember when you were 39 weeks pregnant and felt huge and couldn’t do anything and couldn’t roll over in bed and could barely reach the kitchen sink?  That’s where I am.  With 9.5 weeks to go!  (I told Will I wouldn’t be able to do dishes for the rest of the pregnancy. 😀  Like the smart man he is, he told me that was fine.  The dishes would wait until the twins were born….Ha.  Ha.)


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