The Three Little Dancing Amigas

By Vicki


Last week Peyton, Kiera and Maddy (part of #thetwelve) participated in a week long half-day Ballet Camp at Royal City School of Ballet. These three little ladies are like sisters and they get along so well. They loved learning to dance together (I think having each other there made each of them a little more brave!). They learned some ballet moves, did glittery crafts, watched the Cinderella ballet during snack times, and performed a “camp rendition” of Cinderella for the parents.


Ballet is an excellent way to teach body control and discipline (they had to do burpees if they said the words “um” or “like”!).


While Maddy and Kiera will probably participate in skating lessons this Winter, Peyton will be continuing with ballet lessons!

*Sorry these pictures are so grainy – I forgot my big camera and only had my phone with me 😦




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